Company Profile

an industry leader in understanding and engineering wastewater solutions for the productive private sector. ICI's mission is to assist in environmental compliance, but more important to provide solutions to environmental issues that enhance the profitability of our clients.

We are experts in wastewater minimization, upstream control, waste stream segregation, and industrial wastewater pretreatment. Many of our projects have involved source water conditioning, water reuse and more efficient use of the water resource prior to disposal. We typically achieve substantially lower than the industry average wastewater discharges in the range of 70% or more. We achieve reduced wastewater discharge by developing an overall water resources plan that may have zero wastewater discharge as the ultimate goal. Having successfully developed zero-discharge industrial wastewater strategies, our clients can rapidly achieve environmental compliance with minimal capital expenditure and often seeing ROI of less than two budget cycles.



Engineering Design & Construction Management, Project Planning, Sampling and Data Analysis, NPDES Storm Water Management, Wastewater Monitoring, Meter Calibrations, Neutralization & pH Control, Sewerage Capacity Issues

Serving the private sector since 1972